Round Channel

25 May 2018

So, now I’m finally heading west, a second time after 2016. Until Boulogne-sur-Mer it will be the same route, but then I want to switch to the English side of the channel. From there on, the voyage Round Channel will begin.

I know a bit about what I’m getting myself into:

– An unusual area, not that I want to make the Baltic Sea and the German North Sea coast out to be boring. These are beautiful and exciting places. But I simply need the challenge, both sailing-wise and mentally.

– Discovering other ways of life, other cultures. Not a sightseeing tour according to the motto, you have to see that, you have to go there. I look for things off the beaten track.

– And life on board is also different. Having less, limiting yourself to the existential. Experiencing a quality of life that you no longer know in normal everyday life. A life away from the “dictatorship of money” (the man in Rome sometimes has great formulations). A world where you can’t or won’t just buy everything.

There is a world outside, with a small boat and a small budget.

I will try to capture as much of it as possible and document it on my blog.

This sub-menu Off to England is where my reports begin.