Our Travels

It is not the sea,

that we conquer,

but ourselves.

(based on Edmund Hillary)

And now?

Coo – roo – na

(Tiken Jah Fakoly)

A beautiful Reggae song, relaxed seriousness is probably only to be found in Africa and not here in Europe.

The longing is growing, a life on the edge of civilisation, without the rule of money, the greed for money, power or influence. Outta Babylon!

I guess I will have to wait until 2022 before before casual sailing on the coasts is possible again. And also informal meetings with like-minded people at the transition from land to sea. The wide horizon empties my head and makes me dream, also of another world, corresponding to my Spanish destination: otro mundo!

The plan continues, sailing down the westcoast, then around the Iberian peninsula and through French channels back to the Gironde.

In this sense: Todo llegará

November 2020