Our Travels

It is not the sea,

that we conquer,

but ourselves.

(based on Edmund Hillary)

Hello and welcome

On these pages I report about my extraordinary trips with my Waarschip 725.

With a small boat on a big journey, that is the motto. Once again I want to try it after 2016 (France) and 2018 (Round Channel). Doing it or having done it is what counts.

The new voyage will last 16 months, with a break of maybe two months in winter. We will go all the way down the Western European coast, once around the Iberian head and then through the Canal du Midi and the Canal de Garonne back into the Bay of Biscay. Wintering is planned in the Algarve.

It will be a life in a very confined space, with very few comforts, outside the pampered normality. Once again I’ll experience a distance from a crazy world full of things you don’t need, and build a distance from a world full of useless discourse.

The longing is there again for a life on the edge of civilisation, without the rule of money, the greed for money, power or influence. Outta Babylon! I look forward to casual meetings with like-minded people at the transition from land to sea. The wide horizon empties the mind and lets you dream, even of another world!

The wait is over, now we are on our way: Redondo Iberia

Juni 2022